Custom branding that fits seamlessly in your website

The super simple, clean design makes this so easy to brand and fit seamlessly into almost any website template

Keep all your files & deliverables in one place

No more hunting around in your email inbox for that proposal sent and say goodbye to clients emailing you with a "can you resend the logo?"

Show your availability and let clients know how they can contact you

Don't let your clients overstep boundaries. Put your available hours and preferred method of communication where they can see it and stop those texts or IM's after hours.

Fits with your unique workflow

Add or remove as many modules as you like, whether you're a copywriter, designer, developer or more you can have the deliverables that work for your projects.

"I love it when a client asks for a file I've already sent them three times."

—No one, ever.

Projects can get messy. Whether you're a freelance designer, developer, or copywriter, if you work with clients you know the headache of keeping track of projects and deliverables.

Most files you send will likely be emailed across. These can quickly become buried in both yours' and your clients' inbox. Maybe you need to dig out the proposal you sent 6 months ago to check the scope, or perhaps your client needs that Google doc with the draft copy that was completed weeks ago.

ClientPortal is a super simple, lightweight Wordpress plugin and HTML template that you can use on your website today to allow your clients to keep track of the project and give them access to all files at any time. No more "Can you send me our logo? I've lost it again!" requests.

How it works

At the start of a project, set your client up in a password protected folder on your website (

Organise your folders in your cloud storage system of choice ready to keep all your deliverables in.

Link these folders to your client portal - or link directly to any external services like Harvest or Nusii.

Add any useful information your client may need throughout the project (like how to contact you and your working hours)

Consistent branding no matter how many external services you use

Say you have your invoices in Harvest, your proposals in Nusii and your contracts in HelloSign. That's a lot of software. And a lot of mixed branding. Keep everything in your client portal and it won't matter how many external services you use, everything will stay branded to your company - and in one place.

Your clients will know you're the Real Deal™

When you bring on new clients, the first thing you're going to do is set them up with your Client Portal.

They'll learn how and when to contact you, what your policies are, and they'll have access to everything related to your project (the contract they signed, the Statement of Work, their intake questionnaire, the tools you use to manage their project, etc.)

"Will this help me?"

Are you a freelancer or agency who works with clients, and typically uses a number of services for each project? Do you regularly get emails from clients who forgot how to login to your project management tool, can't remember where you put their style guide, and has no idea how to get to your staging server?

If so, ClientPortal was created for you.

"Do I have to know how to code to use this?"

If your website uses Wordpress you can upload the custom plugin and update it without having to dip into code.

For the HTML template, it’s generally simple enough to update even if you don’t know how to code but some knowledge of HTML is beneficial. Soon we're releasing a generator which will make it so you can crank out custom Client Portals with zero coding knowledge.

When we release these valuable additions, the price will go up. Now's the best time to get Client Portal.

"Does this come with the questionnaires and worksheets?"

Not yet, but we're getting them all ready for the next release. If you buy now, you'll get all the worksheets and questionnaires (and everything else) for free!

"Is there a demo site?"

No. Because this is a predominantly HTML template, a demo site would mean we'd be giving away the actual product! Want to see the Client Portal up close? Here's a link to a larger screenshot so you can see it in all it's glory.

"Does this work with SquareSpace?"

This isn't a SquareSpace template but you may be able to upload it to your SquareSpace website. Check out this possible 'hack'. Disclaimer: I haven't actually tried this so can't comment on whether it will work or not :-)

We may be relaseing a SquareSpace template in the future but this will depend entirely on demand so if this is something you'd like to see let me know!

"What is your refund policy?"

If ClientPortal doesn't 1) help make you look significantly more professional to your clients and 2) minimize "how do I find that again?" emails and Skype messages, then I don't want your money. Just write in and I'll gladly refund you, no questions asked. (I trust you.)

Any more questions? Email me!